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We don’t want any of your questions left unanswered! 

If your question hasn’t already been answered below, please feel free to get in touch! 

Q: What is the first step we need to take?

A:  Please contact us so we can set up a free consultation with you. This is so we can meet both you and your pet in an environment where they feel safe. 

Email, call or text us and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible! 

Phone: 07797 776 473


Q: How much does a dog walk cost?

A: Our walk prices range between £14 - £22 depending on the service. 


At Pawsome we try and find the right service for you, that ultimately fits your budget!


To view all of the rates and services Pawsome offers, click here.

Our walks range from £11 - £24 depending on the that service you want. 

At Pawsome we try and find the right service for you, that ultimately fits your budget! 

For all the rates and services Pawsome offers, click here

Q: What type of dogs do you walk?

A: Here at Pawsome we love walking all breeds of dog, big or small! 


All we ask is that you fill out our registration form detailing your dogs behaviours, dangerous habits and special requirements before the walks start. 

Q: Do you walk in all weather?  

A: YES! Rain or shine we will be there to walk your pup! 


During the summer period we understand it can get quite hot for your dog, so we have fully ventilated and air-conditioned vans to make your dogs as comfortable as possible.

 We also make sure to give your dogs regular water breaks to ensure their full safety! 

Q: What are your hours?

A: Currently our walking hours are 8am – 6pm weekdays and 10am – 1pm weekends and bank holidays. 


Things happen, and sometimes there are delays. We use block bookings if you require a specific pick up time. Doing so allows us plenty of time to get to your dog and means we try to arrive within the following time frames to complete our services;

Morning 8am – 11am      Lunch 11am – 2pm       Afternoon 2pm – 4pm       Evening 4pm - 6pm 

Q: How far will you walk my dog?

A: This is completely dependent on whether you would like the hour long or half an hour service. 


Our hour long walks tend to range between 2km and 5km. Half an hour services between 1km and 3km. 


We also base our groups on energy levels to make sure all dogs are compatible, allowing for the most stimulating walk possible!

Q: How many dogs do you walk at once?  

A: Due to health andsafety reasons, we guarantee your dog will walk in a group no bigger than 4 dogs. 


This gives us the ability to give your dog the full attention they require along the walk!  

Q: What if I need to cancel at short notice?

A: We understand that your plans can change. 


At Pawsome we try to be as flexible as possible, but we do prefer 24 hours notice if any rescheduling or cancellations are needed.  The walk may still be charged depending on how much notice is given.

Q: Do I provide you with keys?



A: We will look after the keys to your house if this is what you require.

We do however, prefer you to have your keys in a lock box outside the house, which we will have access to using a code. This code will be kept in a very secure section of our online client portal.

We are also covered with key holders insurance as part of our plan.

Q: How do you store all of my information?



A: Storing information safely is as important to us as it is to you.

Click here to view our privacy policy.


We also trialled many systems to ensure we chose correctly. Time To Pet is the software we use to store all of our client and pet information.


It allows for easy communication between you and your walker, and also allows you to update your info, request services, view your schedule and view any outstanding invoices.

Q: Will you walk my dog on or off the leash?

A: This is completely at your discretion.


If you have no preference we will make a judgement depending

on their recall ability and location of the walk. 

Q: Where do the consults take place?

A: All consultations will take place at your home so we can meet your pups! 

If you have any special requirements for this, drop us a message! 

Q: When can my dog start walking?  

A: We try to organise a consultation for as soon as we can after you first make contact.

This way we can get your dog registered onto our online booking system and walking

as soon as possible! 

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